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Riyadh:  Saudi ruler Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz has announced that the government will pay 60 percent of salaries to employees of private companies closed because of the Corona virus.

According to Arab media, Saudi ruler Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz has announced to pay 60 percent of the government’s salary to protect private employees of closed industries due to the Corona virus.

The royal decree directs the industrialists not to dismiss their employees, saying that for three months during difficult times, the government will pay up to 60% of the monthly salary of these employees.

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The Saudi Finance Minister said in his statement that industries were closed due to the Corona virus and that the concern for the rise of daily wages and salaried employees has increased, so the concessions have been given to the industrialists.

It is important to note that the number of corona virus certified patients in Saudi Arabia has increased to 2,393 while 25 people have died from the deadly virus. Curfew is imposed in other cities including Mecca, Medina, Taif and Dammam.

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