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corona vaccine

KARACHI:  The research team, headed by Prof Muhammad Saeed Qureshi, Vice Chancellor of the Dow University of Health Science. They detected the local changes in the Novel Corona virus vaccine 2019.

Experts say that the virus has undergone genetic changes due to local conditions. And the process is currently underway, knowing the sequence of genetic mutations will help in the diagnosis. Treatment and vaccine of corona, in this locality. Detection of the genome sequencing of the outbreak virus is considered an important step. And the process of research is still underway and requires some time to complete.

According to Dow University experts, a 15-year-old locally infected kidney virus was analyzed. Just to determine the sequence of the genome sequence of the corona virus.

Experts say detecting the virus’s sequence is an important step forward. Which will help a great deal in the formulation.And also in treatment of the vaccine. But this is an early but very important phase of research, with several stages still pending.

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It should be noted that the Dow University Lab is the first lab in the country to introduce PCR tests for the Corona virus; its RNA isolated from virus samples using the Dow University’s latest equipment BSL Three Virology Lab. Separated and detected by the presence of the virus through PCR, the virus transmitted locally to a 15-year-old boy. But research proves that the virus migrated to Pakistan via Saudi Arabia and was already on stage. It affected 15 people in the family, which shows that it spreads locally very quickly.

Genetic Sequence

The sequencing shows that the genetic sequence of this virus is slightly different from that of the Wuhan virus and some genetic changes in it. The virus originated in China and migrated to Pakistan via Saudi Arabia.

It is also clear that this is a preliminary research case, while a team of experts from Dow University has been involved in the analysis of all samples that have migrated from other countries including Iran, Iraq and Syria, UK and US to Pakistan and this research is still ongoing. Yes, the latest Dow University lab has tested hundreds of people for free from the Corona virus, and it continues.

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